Current On-Going Exhibitions

At the moment I have my work in four shows – one invitation and three juried exhibitions. I’ve been devoting myself to showing work more now that I’m not simultaneously having to contend with building a thesis show. It’s quite liberating to feel as though I do not have to hoard my works back from public eye because they’ll be needed in such a short time. Putting in the extra time and effort has been paying off and my c.v. is steadily growing longer month by month.

Currently my work is on display in an invitational exhibition, entitled Soaring, curated by the Slocumb Galleries director, Karlota Contreras-Koterbay. Soaring is on view at the Tipton Gallery in Johnson City, TN. This show opened the weekend of the annual Blue Plum Festival and is available for view until the end of the week by appointment.

From left: SG Director Karlota Isla Contreras-Koterbay, W. Brooke Chang, Megan Levacy, Lisa M. Jones, Erika McClintock, Aurora Pope, ETSU WSP Director Dr. Karen Cajka, (seated from left) Suzanne Stryk, Leila Cartier and Kathy Gibian (not in photo: Theresa Markiw).

I also have a piece in the 4th Annual 30 Small Works show at Gallery Up in Rock Hill, SC. This is an excellent exhibition juried by Barbara Schreiber and the gallery has posted a photo-stream of the exhibition works (including mine) on their website (click here). I was really happy about this show as the piece selected did not make it into my thesis exhibition. The reception (and juror’s talk) will be held tomorrow night (June 23rd) from 6-8pm.

The Still Point Gallery is hosting Never Enough of Nature online. The works in this exhibition were juried by the gallery director, Christine Brooks Cote, and all of these can be viewed here.

The Caladan Gallery is hosting Depth of Meaning online. My individual works can be viewed here along with the galleries statement/observation of my pieces – it is far more eloquent than anything I ever write about my own work. The Caladan Gallery is a great online gallery – be sure to check out some of their past shows as well.

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