About the Artist

My name is Megan Levacy – I am an American artist who works with mixed media from my home in north Alabama. This blog is intended as an ongoing account of my studio practice and artistic process.

Although my work is varied in both media and execution, the central concept connecting the pieces I create is a search for identity and place. As I move through life I inhabit different internal and external landscapes; the ways in which I engage with each reflects a bit about who I am and how I see myself positioned within a larger picture. I document these moments of interaction as a way to learn more about myself and in doing so I hope to contribute to a greater understanding of the shared human experience.

After 5 years as a full time Assistant Professor of Art at Georgia State University, Perimeter College, in Atlanta, GA, I transitioned to teaching classes in art and the humanities for the college part-time online in 2017.

Jewelry and small paintings, drawings, embroidery hoops, jewelry, and mixed media works can be viewed and purchased at the Spruill Gallery & Gift Shop in Atlanta, GA.

An online store with my work, handcrafted items, and embroidery patterns is slated to open in 2020.

Please visit my Instagram and YouTube pages for additional content.


* The shell necklace I’m wearing in the photo is by Sarah Dorr of Sarah Dorr Ceramics – please check out her beautiful works inspired by nature and animals.



  1. Thanks for posting your favorite (ongoing I am sure) websites. I am about to build my own and am scrolling through various sites to see what i like, what seems to be current etcetc. and mundane things like how the popups work and what does animation do for and against you. Time it takes to load, redundancy or confusion…….Wordpress itself is a lovely place to visit, and I enjoyed your work as well.

  2. Hi Megan, I am not sure that this is where I should ask my question. I have a used Rapidograph Humidified revolving selector. Could you give me some hints on how to use it. I have been drawing with Rapidographs for over 40 years and always wanted one of these gadgets. Thank you, Edmund Wright, Trinidad, CA.

    1. Hi Megan. I got an instruction PDF instruction sheet for the humidifier from DickBlick. I could send it to you if you want. If you do send me an appropriate e-mail address. Thanks, Edmund.

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