100 Day Stitch Book: A Dozen Down

The first 30 days of the Ann Wood “100 Day Stitch Book” project have flown by. The challenge has varied between a breath of fresh air and a down right struggle depending on the day. While I can honestly say that the place I’m in now is not where I thought I’d be, I am happy with the progress that I’ve made and am learning a lot as I stitch each day.

Days 1 through 6, 100 Day Stitch Book 2023

With an average of 3 days per page I’ve created over 12 pages at this point. Looking at them as a whole helps me understand some of the ways that I’ve intentionally (and sometimes inadvertently) tied the works together.

Days 7 through 12, 100 Day Stitch Book 2023

Certain repeated elements such as colors, shapes, and compositional organization are repeatedly integrated to create cohesion. I find myself drawn to the same threads and fabrics again and again and, as a whole, this helps these come together. Now that I can see the most common threads that are (literally and metaphorically) being used I am thinking with more intention about how to pull these elements back into my designs.

For the next 30 days I hope to explore more abstracted elements in combination with the more literal embroidered forms of plants and animals. In the last few pages of the first 30 days I started working on this a bit and I like the feeling I’m achieving. I don’t feel like my ideas are truly fully formed yet but with each new piece I refine them and hone both my skills and my vision.

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