Reflections on a fantastic year…

2011 was a BIG year for me: I received my 3rd degree, created 3 individual solo shows in their entirety (although, to be fair I started my thesis work in November of 2010 not January of 2011), started my first post-grad job (with a 5 course load at that), brought a little frog into the family, established my first dedicated home studio in our second bedroom, and successfully transitioned from “student” to “professional artist” without a major break down. In addition I got to see C.A.K.E. in concert (best time ever!), made a couple of new friends (and got closer to others), learned to set better boundaries, let go of a lot of excess baggage, and discovered the joys of having a rice maker. I have much to be thankful for.

Because of the crazy amount of work created for my MFA show and the two exhibitions that followed I have a lot of work from 2011. To start the year off right I backed up all the files on my computer and in the process I went through and culled a bunch of my work documentation – I felt a bit like I was looking through a couple of years of work not just one. As a result, it was easier to see the transitions from one body of work to the next and some of the works I remember disliking earlier are now viewed more positively with fresh eyes.

The following are some of my more liked “personally under-appreciated” works of art from 2011 – some made the list because of some kind of a revelation that occurred during the creation while others were because of the actual product itself.

Butterflies, pinhole photograph
The Cabin, double exposed pinhole photograph (The cabin was where my graduate studio was located for three years, the double exposure of one of the study skins I was working with for my MFA thesis was an accident – a wonderful accident.)
Dragonfly and Wasp (details), gouache on paper
Cataloochee Valley, watercolor, ink, and pastel on paper (done on location)
Bahloo’s Nest, graphite on paper
Casualties (Deer), digital photograph
Ringing Glass, pastel, ink, and watercolor on paper

Happy New Year!

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