Lineage: Paintings by Dolores Jordan (a.k.a. my Gran)

In honor of my last “20’s” birthday I thought I’d share some work from one of the many talented individuals from whom I’ve descended: my maternal grandmother, Dolores Jordan.

My “Granny” is an amazing woman and a talented artist. She’s someone I feel I take after a great deal. We are both avid readers as well as artists and we share a particular affinity and passion for teaching. And, lately, we get gushy over our love of watercolor….

Although she has worked in oils for the majority of her life (two of which are hanging in my kitchen), my Gran has picked up watercolor in recent years and has progressed very quickly. She’s recently started taking watercolor classes again after a (too) long vacation from painting and I asked her if I could share some of her works here. Thankfully she loves me and agreed! (Mom, you’re next!)

Much love to my family: thank you for the amazing genetic code and the upbringing to make something of it over the past 29 years.

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