Stained Glass Jewelry

I am fully set up now to create stained glass pieces from my home studio. This is in large part due to my hubby’s Christmas/birthday gift, a mini Griffin glass grinder (and new glass cutter) that rocks my world. Combined with the Dremel tool and flex-shaft extension that one of my besties gave me, it’s all systems go!


This has been exceptionally helpful because the jewelry that I’ve been creating is doing quite well at the gallery and I’ve started receiving commissions.

The Holiday Artist’s Market at Spruill Center of the Arts this past November and December was amazing – the gallery will still be selling pieces throughout the year in their gift-shop.


While I plan to open an Etsy shop by mid-year, you’re welcome to email me with any commission requests. I have new things already in plan (plus new colors of glass to play with) and will be making some signature pieces soon that incorporate wood as well as glass.

Ideas? Suggestions? I’d love to hear them. 🙂

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