A New (Affordable) Studio Space

I’ve been saving up to make a new art studio space for myself for some time now. I’ve been scoping out ideas on Pinterest and playing around with affordably DIY ideas. I took a lot of inspiration from projects that transformed affordable shelving and thick boards into art stations or simply craft desks and a woods-inspired color scheme with a bit of bite (literally).

I opted for regular bookcase shelves from Walmart ($16 each via Walmart.com) and a $5 piece of MDF and a bunch of nifty paint samples based on the colors I painstakingly picked out ($3.50 each) from Home Depot. These 8oz containers of paint – in the colors you choose – are not only really affordable, they cover 16 square feet on average so one small container goes a long way.

The 4 foot by 4 foot piece of MDF was cut to the dimensions of the length of the book shelves and the remaining scrap was divided evenly into three 6″ shelves which will be painted with the samples and installed above the desk against the windows at a height suitably sufficient to deter cats. I plan on placing my small plants up there with small collections of items such as shells, skeletons, bugs, and other assorted oddities that inspire my creativity. This is, obviously, the next step.


I choose the bookcases based on their height in addition to their depth – deciding to create something that would incorporate the natural lighting of the sun-room in our condo with a height that would could be used as either a standing or sitting affair. This would not be complete – of course – without a nifty chair that goes up a bit more than most (a nice find from Amazon at only $65). Although I’m only 5’3″ tall the chair is perfect for me because I can rest my feet on the metal parts without problem and when standing the height is really effective at eliminating lower back pain.

I’ll be sure to share a completion shot later on and link it below.


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