The following images document two stages of development in Lily Eaters.

Detail of graphite layer. (Notice the 4 birds in the leaves.)

I intend to retain as much of the graphite under-drawing as I can. I like the archaeological aspect of preserving the layers of development. The process of discovery is very important to me and I want this work to feel looser and more like an explorers sketchbook.

I've started blocking in some color using gouache.

In the top of the work I want the painted/rendered appearance to transform into linear simplifications of the forms; a couple of birds will emerge from the plant in simplified forms as well.

I intend to build on the center, obtaining a more expected level of rendering, while allowing the rest of the work to stand in various states of progress. I’m slightly worried that this will not seem intentional and will appear incomplete – losing the connotations I’m imparting. I don’t want this to appear unfinished.

I am not sure how much I want to render these forms, I'm rather enjoying the gesture of the paint.

I can’t really do anything at this point but just keep going. Worst case I end up fleshing out the forms until it becomes just as tight and controlled as my other works. Lets hope it doesn’t get to that.


  1. I can’t tell you how thrilling I find it to follow the process of your creating! Not only do I get to see the exquisite works in various stages, but I find your comments and the sharing of your philosophical rationales to be both inviting and educating. Thank you!

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