Time Management 101: Learn to love the post-it!

I now have only three weeks until my thesis exhibition – only TWO weekends before installation…. I’m starting to panic a little…

Panic is sometimes good for me though – it tends to kick me into a type of hyper-drive where I’m super efficient but it also triggers an onslaught of list-making and reminder-post-its. Hopefully I’ll start checking off boxes quickly enough that I’ll start sleeping again and digesting food like a normal person.

I’ve laid out my show but nothing is finalized. Almost everything is done but I still have two small paintings to finish and one section of a three-part drawing to redo as it was recently damaged. Fortunately these things are easily accomplished in the time I have left (even with thesis writing, framing, and teaching).

I’ve decided to stick to the basics (for me at least) – painting and drawing and photographs.

I can rearrange this template as I go (which is nifty and functional). The scale is accurate – each square on the grid equals 6 inches. I learned this from my father… it’s very useful in times like these.

I’m on a mission to track down framing supplies this week – make sure I have what I need. My postcard gets submitted tonight so long as it’s approved by the gallery, and – it’s Valentines Day – so I will be sure to make time for my valentine of 11 years.

I sometimes feel paralyzed when I realize how little time 3 weeks really is, but then… it’s not so bad, I think I have plenty of time to accomplish what I have left – surely enough to indulge for the evening with my fantastic husband, on this, our nations commercially bought day-of-love… surely…

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