Charting A Course: Installation Pictures

I finally got around to photographing the show! The following are some of the images taken of the entire exhibition (sans people) as well as some select works. It will be awhile until my website is updated with my 2011 works so I’m hoping that this will serve as a good “in-between” sample of some of the newest pieces.

At Times, A Wave Must Come, 2011
Along The Void, 2011
Spanning Vast Solemnities, 2011

And Too, Like Rain, 2011
And Too, Like Rain, 2011
Dreams of Genesis, 2011
Strata, 2011
Ringing Glass, 2011

Charting A Course, 2011
Charting A Course (detail)., 2011

Pierced Resolve, 2011
Twilight Vigil, 2011

E Pluribus Unum (detailed video still), 2010


  1. The works are fantastic, Megan! They are inviting to the eye, challenging to the mind, and enlarging to the soul. Getting lost (and, oddly, found) in any of them is tempting; giving in to that temptation is both unsettling and satisfying. What fine experiences you have created for your viewers! Thank you.

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