Charting A Course: Installation and Reception

The “Last Week List”

Installing the show was a down-right nightmare. I continuously asked myself what I was thinking with my wacky painting installation vision. The majority of the show was pretty straight forward except for one large piece consisting of 88 separate paintings and another wall which featured 35 scattered pieces hung salon style on painted backgrounds.

In order to pull this off I created a layout in Photoshop so that I could gauge the relative position and placement of the works. This was done by taking quick photos of all the work and saving them to scale at a low dpi. I then “copy and pasted” these into a larger empty document and arranged them until I was happy.

When I had my template down I simply blocked out the basic area on the wall of the gallery, starting in the middle and working my way out. I put up the actual work on the gallery wall and repositioned them as needed until I finished marking the guidelines using a level and ruler. Once complete, the tenuous task of taping and painting began.

Once the main salon-style wall was complete, it was entirely downhill from there. The biggest issues at that point were trying to touch up edges and separate magnets. I finally finished everything and hung the tags the night before the opening reception.

The reception, which ended up lasting three hours instead of two due to a constant stream of guests, was a success and I enjoyed talking with people about my work more than I have for previous exhibitions.

*photo taken by Jaime Santos-Prowse
*photo taken by Jaime Santos-Prowse

The constellation piece took some time to put up simply due to the shear number of components (88). I used star charts to install these works where they would actually be positioned during the month of August in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

*photo taken by Jaime Santos-Prowse
(Detail of the video seen in previous photo. The video is projected onto a large painting done directly on the wall of the gallery which features about a thousand birds in flight.) *photo by Jamie Santos-Prowse
*photo taken by Jaime Santos-Prowse
*photo taken by Jaime Santos-Prowse
*photo taken by Jaime Santos-Prowse

Overall I’m really happy with how the exhibition came out and am looking forward to my next solo show in October which will hopefully be a variation on this exhibition (I’m thinking of doing all miniature works in 8×10 frames as I only included 12 of the 30 such pieces I currently had prepared for the show).

Much appreciation to all who attended the opening and to Jaime Santos-Prowse for her great reception photos. 🙂

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