Spirits Within: Jellyfish Ectoplasm (VIDEO)

We went to the Aquarium over spring break – a decidedly touristy thing to do – and honestly neither my husband nor I were exceedingly impressed by the “drive-by” experience that was “America’s #1 Aquarium” (i.e. The Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinberg, TN). I did however enjoy watching the jellies in the collection – a primary catalyst of the trip – and found that their beautiful undulating gelatinous forms have begun to inform the handling of the ectoplasmic veil around my figures. The photos themselves aren’t bad, however, it’s the videos shot in HD on my new Canon G12 that have provided me with the most inspiration.

While I haven’t really been working on the ectoplasm pieces as of late, I couldn’t resist sharing.

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