New Job!

After 2 years of applying for jobs I’ve finally landed one – a good one at that! As of August 1st I will be a full-time (tenure-track) Instructor of Art at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta.

I’ve known for several weeks now but I’ve been reluctant to post anything about it – perhaps out of some unfounded fear that I’ll jinx my good fortune or something – but, as I’ve now received my work schedule for the fall – I think the coast is clear… so…

I have a job!!!

The position is one that I sincerely wanted, an ideal fit that suits me in every way and provides an amazing opportunity for career advancement as both an educator and as an artist. Both my husband and I are super excited about what Atlanta has to offer both of us.

With only 3 weeks left of classes I’m already getting into “plan” mode for my courses this coming fall – Drawing 1 and Art Appreciation. After 3 years of 2D Design and Color Theory I’m excited for a change of pace and can’t wait to start prepping for them both. My (new) department has already put my course texts in the mail and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival – I’m such a nerd!

But, with great excitement about what the future holds also dawns the realization of what I’ll be leaving behind. I will miss my current department greatly. I’ve had so many wonderful students over the past 4 years and I’ve grown quite close to several colleagues for whom I will miss daily. Fortunately, everyone has been extremely happy and supportive about the news. The next 3 weeks will be filled with many “lasts” but beneath everything pumps a steady stream of anxious excitement too.

I’m hoping to guide this energy toward productive paths like a kick-ass garage sale, packing, and studio time but for the moment what free time I have has been devoted toward reading and rest.

While the search itself was exceedingly difficult what lies ahead will be even more challenging – best to catch my breath now while I can and enjoy the last few weeks with my students and colleagues as much as possible. There will be plenty of time at the end of the semester to worry about everything to come and start the process of relocation.

I will say this though, I plan on leaving as much of my house behind as I can – including my studio – so if you’re local, keep an eye out on facebook for my garage sale notice. It’s going to be a doozy.



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