Catching up on studio time while Atlanta is “paused” for storms.

No joke – Atlanta gets some bad weather and the whole city comes to a halt. After “winter storm Leon” a couple of weeks ago I now realize just how essential it is that this happen because this southern local is just not prepared for major winter weather like more northern cities. I heard some really traumatic stories from students last go-round so by all means Atlanta, err on the side of caution – I’m totally supportive (but honestly, today we only got rain so did everything really need to shut down… really?).

While indoors and off work I’ve found some time to get back to the studio and have been “playing” a bit with techniques, media combinations, styles, and imagery. Since I just got that beautiful deer skull I’ve been working with deer imagery – how very hipster, I know. I don’t care. I like deer, genuinely (therefor technically not “hipster”).

The two little 4×6 pieces below used photos of taxidermy from a local flea market as a reference and while a bit more “alive” than skull imagery, they still lack a certain quality of the living. Oh well.


deer - red and blue

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