Poster Illustration: Fandom as Religious Experience

I just finished my last illustration for an event hosted by the lecture series that I co-chair. I was happy that the event was a fun topic because some of the weightier political themes we’ve explored lately just aren’t as uplifting to research. The idea of fandom as a religious experience will be an entertaining and educational subject for our last spring term lecture.

After working with the speaker, Lauren Cooper, the following image was created based on a similar tattoo obtained by her sister. The illustration was one of the easiest I’ve created for the series because it was simple and straight forward and I sort of saw it in my head the moment Lauren referenced the topic of fan tattoos.



A video of me painting the knit fabric can be viewed on my Instagram account (@mlevacy).

The final poster illustration turned out quite nice. You can read more about this awesome event if you’re interested and in the Atlanta area on Thursday, March 30.

Notes From DragonCon(new)


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