Cry The Bird – Inktober 2017

Inktober has begun and I thought I’d share the first daily drawing and video to kick things off. I’ll only be sharing these on the blog about 3 times this month but as a baseline, this first post establishes an idea of what I’ll be attempting.

This first video isn’t good – I’m aware – but it’s a good example of the best I’ve been able to achieve in my personal studio. Although I’ve had greater success capturing time-lapse videos in other rooms of my house, I’d really prefer to draw in this space and need to determine what’s causing my issues with refocusing and exposure and also trouble shoot location and stability of my camera (i.e. iPhone 7+).


I will generally be adding watercolor to these works after the fact, though I don’t know if I’ll always do this – it really depends on the image.


What other tools am I using for this challenge? I’ll be using an assortment of vintage and new Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pens. Many of these technical and fountain pens have been carefully reclaimed from the abuses of time and are now in great working condition.

My trusty “new” technical pens (the white ones on the right) have been with me for around 13-14 years now and although a few have some replacement parts interspersed here and there, they’re pretty much as wonderful as the day I got them.


If you’re interested in salvaging your own vintage technical pens I’ve fully explained my process for anyone who is interested and encourage looking on eBay for great cheap finds.

I’ll be updated daily via my IG feed and at least a few times a week via my YouTube channel (I’ve created a “Cry The Bird – Inktober 2017” playlist) if you’d like to see more current updates in the meantime.

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