Mini Plant Portraits with Cut Paper

I started putting together miniature houseplants out of cut paper in the summer of 2021. After the first I quickly made another and then another… before I knew it I had a whole stack of little gems and was obsessed with the juxtaposition of pattern and color that I was exploring. I love cut paper and have used the medium to make birds previously, however, houseplants were a new subject for me – a subject I have since returned to again many times.

I enjoyed the immediacy of a smaller format – only 2×3 inches on average – and found it easier to make the time to put one or two together than attempt other types of artwork and media. When placed in cute tiny 3.5″x5″ frames these pieces quickly sold out within my Instagram and Reddit communities.

My mini plant portraits quickly grew both in number and in scale, finally ending up around 6×8 inches, which – while still small – afforded a great deal more detail.

I honestly prefer the tinier pieces and love the intimacy of a miniature artwork. There’s something very precious about something really wee. And, I managed to maintain high levels of detail even when using a smaller scale.

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