Making a Wooden Plant Themed Bunting

I have participated in plant exchange events throughout the pandemic as a way to keep my spirits up and stay connected with others who share my general enthusiasm for house plants. Part of this has included blind exchanges where one person gifts a stranger (picked intentionally by a third party) with plants and planty items. I love these secret plant exchanges and, like a lot of participants, go a little overboard.

This year I was paired with someone with an extensive collection and I thought that gifting something handmade would ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for them. I came up with a general style and theme and then worked on these thin but sturdy wooden blank bunting pieces (Amazon).

I used a variety of non-painting media but discovered that a lot of things (like acrylic paint pens) didn’t work too well on the wood due to the texture. In the end I found that Prismacolor colored pencils and a good old felt tipped artist pen (I used Microns) worked the best.

I sealed these with an acrylic matte medium spray and then (AFTER the fact) realized that the media that didn’t do well due to texture actually did pretty decent OVER the sealant. SO… when I do this again to make a bunting for myself (because look how awesome it looks with my plants) I will seal all the bunting panels first and then go over then with media (and then seal them again).

This bunting looks so cool I can’t wait to make one for myself. I think I’ll do it a little differently but I do love the style used on this one. I think it will suit my giftee quite well. Overall this was an easy project that definitely took a little time to create but was worth it in the end.

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