“Inward Journeys” Reception and Artist’s Talk

The reception for Inward Journeys, my newest solo exhibition, was held this Monday (October 10th) directly following my very first artist’s talk presented to the students and faculty at Tusculum College, a private college located in Greenville, TN.  The whole nights events were enjoyable, in large part due to the efforts of the Allison Galleries newly appointed directer, Aurora Pope. The small gallery has a lot of potential and I’m sure that under Aurora’s capable hands it will really take off in the community.

I was pretty nervous about the artist’s talk since it was my first such experience outside of my own universities. The lecture itself went smoothly despite a complete teacher moment in which I almost snapped and pointed – as I do with my own kids – toward a group of three students who were cutting up and becoming a bit loud (I didn’t of course, but I had a moment none-the-less). I was a bit disappointed that none of the students asked questions at the talk or during the reception but I think I’ve become a bit spoiled with my current batch of students at ETSU who are quite conversive even on their down-days.

The turn out to both the talk and reception was decent considering that it was Columbus Day and the college was actually on holiday – AND – I managed to sell some work by the end of the night as well. (Success!) In addition to my other half, two of my closest friends also came out to support me and attend the events. (*warm fuzzy feelings of love and appreciation*) My husband (who can be quite direct with his observations) informed me that I’ve gotten a lot better at speaking about my work over the past couple of years so I feel pretty good about everything. (He usually tells me if I suck, even if it’s in a very loving and nice way.)

After the reception Aurora threw a great party at her house and my husband and I were able to meet some of the faculty at Tusculum (and Aurora’s many affectionate pets). All-in-all the evening was quite enjoyable. I’m looking forward to returning to the college on the 21st to meet with some of the programs advanced art students and review their portfolios before taking down the exhibition.

I am really happy with the actual exhibition too. Inward Journeys consists of 25 small “miniature” works (all framed in 8×10 frames), 20 of which are new works created in the last couple of months. The layout of the gallery (and gray wall color) was really conducive to my small works that might have otherwise been swallowed by a larger space.

I have no idea what I’m going to work on next but I’ve resumed my applications for exhibitions (and jobs) and am really looking forward to some uninterrupted studio time this weekend during Fall Break. I’ve been sketching in AutoDesk (my new digital sketchbook program created by the developers of AutoCad) on my iPad and although nothing is really certain, I’m sure that I’ve at least got a solid starting place.

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  1. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it, and I’m glad to hear that it went well. It’s funny because I was so out of it that I didn’t even realize Robert was on the phone until several hours later when he mentioned that Kathleen called. Ugh. I think I was still really worn out (physically, mentally, etc.) by Monday. Anyway, it looks good and, like I said, it’s great that your first talk went so well.

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