Digital collage experiments.

Its been rainy (and snowy) today and yesterday and as a result I’ve had a strong desire to curl up on the couch with the heating pad, slippers, kitty, and computer. I’ve been working on application materials and reviewing Color Theory rough drafts about censorship of the arts for the most part (I’ve gotten some really good papers this semester). I was in a mood after classes today though so I decided to play a bit with some previously scanned magazine images.

This endeavor was in large part inspired by a recent project done by a colleague but I have created several works of this nature in the past as demos for a similar (but decidedly less cool) project with my own class. Despite the familiar process it was fun to experiment with my recently updated version of Adobe (CS5) and I spent the best portion of the afternoon just fiddling. Keeping in line with the 4×4 work a day project I’ve been diligently doing since October 25th, I decided to make these images as part of my daily exercise. However, rather than one, I ended up with four. It was quite fun.

Here are some results:


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