Reset and rewind: Exploring ideas that were previously put on hold.

I’ve been getting a bit back into the ectoplasm/spirit zone lately as opposed to the odd (but not so atypical) excursion into circle-dom that manifested over the last few months. While the circle kick hasn’t quite left my system, I’m beginning to explore ways in which not only they, but also past themes such as plants, birds, and patterning, may start to fuse with my current interest in references to the spiritual.

As a recent band-wagon-hopper, Pinterest has provided quite a few new ideas and some visual “affirmations” (as artist Tim McDonald calls what most consider “influences”). The following sets of images include a few of said discoveries; more detailed information and full imagery can be found by visiting my Pinterest board entitled Spirits Within.


The things I’ve envisioned are by no means novel but it is non-the-less affirming to know that the visual ideas I’m having are equally seductive to others as well as unique in their own way as I’ve yet to come across anyone who’s doing quite the same thing in the same way. Some of the works I’ve found are quite beautiful.


In addition to artwork specifically referencing spiritualism, I’ve also stumbled across a great deal of high-fashion photographs which use tulle in engaging ways. These images evoke a great deal of emotion and movement, two things I’m currently trying to figure out in my own work.

And, I’m sorry about the re-post to all my subscribers, I’m trying to switch to using my iPad exclusively (no more HP mini, it’s gone and left me) and its a bit of a learning curve at the moment. I’ll try to prevent this from happening again in the future.

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