The Peacock in the Poison Grove

I made this small 6×6 inch painting just for fun and experimented with the Atlier Interactive Acrylics that I got free when I bought a bunch of gouache from Cheap Joe’s Art Shack this spring.

These “interactive” acrylic paints work a lot like acrylic – much more so than gouache – but they do tend to lift and blend more like gouache than acrylic (as intended). All-in-all, I don’t like the Atlier Interactive Acrylics as a substitute for gouache but they aren’t a horrible substitute for acrylic since when they dry they look more like gouache – all soft and matte-like. I’ll certainly use them again but I’m not sure that I’ll be rushing out to replace all my acrylics just yet – I’m still a fan of Golden despite the exorbitant comparative cost.

M. Levacy, The Peacock in the Poison Grove, acrylic on panel, 6×6 inches, 2013

The Peacock in the Poison Grove was inspired by a Buddhist story which explains that samsara (our current state of existence) is like a poisonous grove where many deceptive attractions thrive. In this grove many are harmed by poisonous plants but the peacock enjoys their beauty without harm because it is able to transform the poisons it incurs into the beautiful colors of its feathers.

In short, The Peacock in the Poison Grove is about seeking out the positive even in very bad situations – it encourages the viewer to use the adversities they face as learning opportunities in which they can practice patience and love so that they might train their mind to become more peaceful and calm. Who can’t use a bit of that these days? 🙂

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