Medieval Animal Drawings… ???

Okay everyone – I need some guidance. I’ve been working on some small ink-drawing studies for some larger watercolor/gouache/ink works but – so far – I’m falling short of the visual “look” I’m really going for. Instead, I’ve become more interested and absorbed by the botanical aspect of each work and have even started creating some studies that completely remove the medieval beasts all together.

So – what are some of the questions that are popping up?

  1. Do I include the beasts or not?
  2. Should I go back to birds + pattern/botanical imagery and put a pin in the medieval beasts?
  3. If I do include the beasts – should they be more realistic (and I’m leaning yes on this one).
  4. Do I include the physical line-work in the final drawings/painting or do I work them over with paint (in the vein of the Eulogy series of bird paintings in gouache)?
  5. Do I stop playing around with these images and go back to the “Spirits Within” work that I have just been struggling with left and right and am probably just avoiding because I find it exhausting…

Don’t get me wrong – I like these drawings and I think they could go somewhere but I’m just feeling a bit lost in the what/where/and how of it all.

Please feel free to add your two cents – I welcome the input!

The following are select works in progression with the latest “beast” drawing at the end (in it’s 2/3 finished state).





(Small)Beastie-Hydrus2(Small)Beastie-Hydrus(in progress)

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