Art in Random Places / Playing with Place-Mats

I’ve recently developed a habit of obsessively drawing on place-mats at our favorite local restaurant in town – a little locally sourced burger joint that we eat at about once a week. They give me crayons… I cannot resist the lure of crayons. It is far too ingrained in every fiber of my being to draw when presented with crayons.

It started simply enough… levacy-placemat-crab

And then they started to give me crayons… levacy-placemat-swan

And somewhere along the line I started to really get into it… levacy-placemat-turtletriangle

And now while the hubby drinks his craft beer, I sip tea and draw things like this…levacy-placemat-chickadee

And even the people that work there… levacy-placemat-jasonandderrick2

It’s surprisingly relaxing and cathartic to draw something in a fleeting and almost stream-of-consciousness fit of creativity knowing that you are releasing it into the world. It’s made me want to start creating gorilla-style mail art again – especially as we get WAY too much unsolicited junk mail as is.

Very random, I know… but it’s becoming a part of my routine and I rather enjoy it so I thought I’d share – next time you have a paper place-mat in front of you, use it!

I will be collecting these on Instagram along with other assorted tidbits from my teaching life, visual detritus I find interesting, and of course… cats. Follow me @mlevacy



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