Inktober 2016: Days 10-18

Well, here it is already December and I realize I never posted the rest of my Inktober challenge drawings! As the main method of publishing these was originally Instagram (@mlevacy) I think I checked this box off in my head and moved on to other things. However, now that I am almost though with the fall semester (though additional grading still looms like a dark cloud) I’ve begun to think more of my studio practice and documenting what I’ve been working on lately.

So here are illustrated poetry pen and ink drawings October from October 10 – 18:

Day 10:


“As if you could escape / by following / the path you carved / there / to its prescribed end.” From “Wannabe” by Rae Armantrout

Day 11:


“I’ve cut myself off, / I can feel the place / where I used to be attached.” From “Europe on $5 A Day” by Margaret Atwood.

Day 12:


“A ticklish rumble / shuttling between blooms.” From “Pleasure” by Rae Armantrout

Day 14:


“It is common for cries to be mistaken / for gulls, for whistling to sound / like the wind.” From “The Black Maria” by Arocelis Girmey

Day 15:


“Loon calls to his mate, / she echoes far down the lake; / stars drift between them.” From “The Loons” by Lou McKinney

Day 16:


“Many times clouds were mountains / then one morning mountains / woke as clouds.” From “In the Red Mountains” by M. S. Merwin.

Day 17:


“Safely dead, / where dead means / hidden, / or wanting / or not wanting / to be known.” From “Heaven” (one of my most favorite poems) by Rae Armantrout. From a photo by Sarah Dorr – @sarahdorrceramics / IG)

Day 18:


“It would be possible to say / each leaf / circumscribes hope / or that each leaf,  / fastidiously coming / to one point, / suggests a fear / of the unknown.” From “Address” by Rae Armantrout.

(If you haven’t already guessed, Rae Armantrout is one of my favorite poets…)



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