Inktober 2016: Week 1, Poetry Illustrations

I decided to embark on my Inktober journey with the specific goal of illustrating sections of my favorite poetry. Each composition is 3×3 inches and uses Rapidograph technical pens filled with black and/or white ink.

While I originally thought I bit off a little too much I’ve begun to fall into a better rhythm and I’m starting to get my momentum going. I am discovering some threads that I’d like to carry on through the next several weeks and am looking forward to what’s coming.

I am sharing these daily on my Instagram account (@mlevacy) but every week I’ll share them here collectively as well.

October 1:


“Metaphor forms / a crust / beneath which / the crevasse / of each experience.” From “Versed” by Rae Armentrout

October 2:


“The starry patterns fool me still, / it pleases us for a moment / to believe in them. This is all we need.” from “Sonnets to Orpheus” by Rilke.


October 3:


“I want to be buried / under your heart / where I was born.” From “To Dana with the Gift of a Calendar” by M. S. Merwin.

October 4:


“In the morning / your bodies, shavings / of flight, here and there, / having surrendered.” from “The Black Maria” by Aracelis Girmey

October 5:


“Be your own watchman as / birds are. Let the remembering / beads encircle you.” From “Bowls of Food” by Rumi.

October 6:


“When desire weeks / grow thick, intelligence can’t flow, and soul creatures / stay hidden.” From “Looking Into the Creek” by Rumi.

October 7:


“Each one / is the inverse / shape of what’s / missing.” From “Dark Matter” by Rae Armentrout.

October 8:


“It remains cut off / in its fear / from itself / and what surrounds it, / the cosmos, which it doesn’t recognize.” From “The Hand” by Rilke.

October 9:


“Its the ocean inside the fish that bears it along, not the river water.” From “Die Before You Die” by Rumi.

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