Hello 2017, (52 week) Challenge Accepted!

As 2017 begins, so does a new personal 52 week challenge (my first!). After completing Inktober this past year I have decided that engaging in a more regular objective will be particularly helpful and inspirational. As this coming year will include numerous big changes for me, it is also my hope that a weekly task such as this will help keep me focused and more balanced.

So, here are the rules I’ve established for my “52 works of art in 52 weeks”:

  • Must complete one work of art each week.
  • No thematic or subject restriction placed on content of works.
  • Each work must use water-media (watercolor, gouache, or watercolor markers/pencils/crayons, etc.) and/or ink (pen & ink, ink wash, etc.) in some way.
  • Works may include mixed media as long as either ink or a water-media is used.
  • There will be no size constraint placed on work, however the finished work must be a minimum of 3×3 inches (or comparable dimension).
  • Each work must be completed and shared via Instagram (@mlevacy) by Sunday night each week.
  • Each week I will post at least 2 in-progress shots on Instagram (@mlevacy) documenting process.
  • Additional images and commentary (or media information) must be shared via this blog by Friday the following week.

I’ll be dedicating a new static page here as an archive of these posts to make things easier to peruse. A new watercolor sketchbook arrived yesterday just in time to kick things off this week too (below). Wish me luck (I’ll likely need it!). Good thing I’m teaching Watercolor again this semester – or as it’s called now “Introduction to Painting I”. My students are always a big source of motivation and inspiration.


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