Oceanic art inspiration.

Despite my intense focus on botany lately, my love of shells, bones, birds, minerals, and other assorted nature related ephemera hasn’t diminished. I’ve been exploring various ways to combine these interests but as of yet I am still early in my research and development.




As part of this exploration I’ve run across a few interesting artists that do combine some of these interests and wanted to share them.

Through the use of a diverse range of media, each of the following artists have communicated aspects of interconnections of ecosystems and present visually engaging textures and decorative patterning that are stimulating to the eye. I’m particularly interested in some of the three-dimensional representations depicted.

Courtney Mattison


Courtney Mattison, Our Changing Seas III

Lisa Ericson


Lisa Ericson, Bloom, 2016

Jenni Ward


Jenni Ward, Nest Series

Tiffany Bozic


Tiffany Bozic, unknown title

Karen Margolis


Karen Margolis, Zaohua, 2014

Megan Bogonovich


Megan Bogonovich, unknown title

Morgan Herrin


Morgan Herrin, Untitled, 2010

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