Obsessive Inky Explorations for Inktober 2017 (Days 11-21)

Inktober is a lot of work if you are really invested and this year, with the added goal of shooting and posting time-lapse videos daily, it took a lot of planning and commitment to stay on task. I am really happy with the outcome though and feel that I not only started to see improvement in the documentation of the work but also in the development of some of my own ideas relating to composition and subject matter in my daily drawings.

Here is a slideshow of the drawings from Days 11-21:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Throughout Days 11 – 21 I focused on creating only inked drawings and decided that adding in the watercolor aspect was a little too much for me. As the Holiday Artist Market I participate in each year draws ever closer I fell the responsibility of maintaining some boundaries for myself. After all, one of my pre-established goals was to be kind to myself and not feel like I had to do all the things all the time.


The video below is a good example of just how obsessive I can get with detail if I allow myself to let go and embrace the chaos. I like making visual sense of all the lines and ensuring that each element is consistent. Day 11 is probably one of my top 5 drawings from the entire month due to its complexity and depiction of all of the individual species of plant that I see in my yard on a daily basis.

In focusing only on line work, I find myself drawn more to complex tangles of images and became more focused on negative space in the compositions. I really enjoy the inherent simplicity of the value in these graphics and find that I was more enthusiastic about working with them each day.


Breaking away from the box format allows me to rethink how I frame some of my imagery like the dove and fern in Day 16’s drawing (video below). I still use a more traditional box-like aspect in some of these works but by extending elements beyond boundary lines it is easier to reconsider how the continuity works for each composition.


After a week or more I started playing around with circular frameworks to change things up. While I had been using these as an element within the work earlier in the month, I liked seeing them used more as a composition boundary and many of the drawings that followed continued to explore this option.

You can view all of my time-lapse process videos from October in my YouTube channels Inktober 2017 playlist. I will share photos and more insights on Days 22-31 in another post as well as some reflections on what I’ve gained from participating in the Inktober challenge this year.


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