100 days of Nature Motifs for Embroidery Artists

As a way to further progress and become more comfortable with digital media I am challenging myself to use digital tools to create a digital nature motif each day for 100 days (April 3 – July 11).


The 100 days project was started by Elle Luna at @elleluna and Lindsay Jean Thomson @lindsayjeanthomson and shares a lot in common with Inktober in that it centers on sharing your work daily via social media and the emphasis on community building.

For me, the 100 day challenge gives me a goal and a platform to help continue working with digital media and simultaneously create some interesting nature motifs for use in my other artwork and embroidery.

Although I’ve completed the Inktober challenge twice, I’m honestly very intimidated by the idea of keeping this up for 100 days and have doubts that I will be able to do it all the way through. I am going to give it my best shot though.

If you are on Instagram, you can now subscribe to hashtags so if you only want to follow my progress with these motifs (as opposed to my primary feed, @mlevacy) you can do so with: #100daysNatureMotifs  – I welcome feedback, suggestions, and even subject requests (and also encouragement).



Projects like this one encourage me to keep working on developing an online shop and the types of items and experiences that I want to create in an online business.  I intend to release a few of these motifs as free downloads here and there on the blog throughout the 100 days (subscribe by email if you don’t want to miss their announcement).

Later on, I will create mini collections of these pieces and release them as downloadable PDF embroidery pattern sets on Etsy ($10-15 each). I’ll be embroidering them and sharing the outcome online periodically as well – the pieces I create will also be available for purchase in my upcoming shop.

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