Free Embroidery Pattern: Honoring the Moms in our lives with marigolds and memories.

M. Levacy, Mother’s Day Marigold, 2018, DMC floss on cotton, hand-dyed hoop.

Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching. As a new mother, I am expected to look forward to this “first” with excitement and joy, and yet I am honestly very anxious about it. Although I am now my Little’s real mom, I also acknowledge that I am not her only mother. With the one year anniversary of the loss of her mom and my dearest friend only one week prior to Mother’s Day, I am sure that this time of year will also annually be a difficult one for my child and for me.

We keep the memory of our shared loved one close and constant in our lives and we will find personal ways of honoring all that she was, and especially the love my friend had for Little Bit, who is now our girl.

In the wake of the tragedy last year my own mother came to stay with me to help me through the initial stages of grief. For the first time since I had lived at home (18 years), my mother and I spent Mother’s Day together. I honestly barely remember her visit, but I do remember how precious the gift of her arms around me in such a difficult time. I hope to give this same comfort to my own daughter now as we discover new ways to move forward from our loss.


In the early spring last year I created a pattern for my mom and shared it with a few interested parties via my Instagram. I was able to give my mom her present while she was with me and she loved it as much as I loved making it for her. It is my favorite personally designed piece so far. The symbolic meaning of each flower is important to me and my mom but the colors are also just beautiful compliments to one another. The Marigold in the center is surrounded by Dandelion leaves and haloed by Blue Daze.


This year, as I honor my mother and the wonderful mother that my best friend was to our daughter, I contemplate what it means to be a mother in a way that I never have before. Throughout everything, I am reminded that it is so important that we take time to remember to share our appreciation and love for the special people in our lives while we have the chance.

Today is Valentine’s Day – a special day in the hearts of many I love. In the spirit of this love I want to share the this embroidery pattern with all of you for free so that you have time to stitch it up in time for Mother’s Day.

Hugs to you all!

* To prevent theft of my intellectual property I’ve retroactively removed the link to this pattern, however, if you would like to obtain a copy of this for your personal use please email me and I will personally send you the PDF. *




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