FREE Embroidery Pattern: Wren With Hostas

I am so happy to announce the FREE release of my first original embroidery pattern, Wren With Hostas. I hope that anyone who attempts this work will share their experiences with me and provide feedback that can help me improve as a pattern maker.


While I’ve taught college art and humanities courses for over a decade now, creating an embroidery pattern has been been a lot bigger undertaking than I first imagined. I can honestly say I have enjoyed the challenge as a whole but translating my artwork into the language of embroidery has also been eye-opening. I love detail and good embroidery design is frequently very simplified in order to provide for the visual complexity of the stitches themselves.

M. Levacy, Wren With Hostas (detail), March 2018

As artists in any medium commonly do, I have been learning from the masters to better understand what it takes to achieve the results I envision. Erica Wilson was an icon of early modern embroidery and has been a great inspiration to me both as an embroiderer but also as someone who wants to help teach others the craft. My first pattern reflects this influence and is an homage Wilson’s stylistic approach to flora and fauna.

* To prevent theft of my intellectual property I’ve retroactively removed the link to this pattern, however, if you would like to obtain a copy of this for your personal use please email me and I will personally send you the PDF. *

You can download the 5 page FREE pattern as a PDF using the link above (*see note*) and get started on your own version of Wren With Hostas today. I love this little wren, she’s a common visitor to the potted plants on my porch in north Alabama. I’ve depicted her surrounded by a variety of plants common to my yard: Hostas, Creeping Charlies, Violas, and Clover.


When we moved last summer for my husbands job, my connection to our new life took root in my exploration of my immediate environment and the many surprises our yard had in store. Although the imagery of Wren With Hostas speaks of autumn in the southern United States, I feel that it also personally symbolizes the beauty of transitions.


I will share this pattern free for a limited time only (through September 1, 2018) and plan to create more patterns and an online shop by the end of 2018. I consider Wren With Hostas as a trail run for this new endeavor and I hope to gain valuable feedback from those who choose to use the pattern to ensure that my later creations are even better.

This first FREE version of Wren With Hostas provides little guidance or tutorial in the way of stitches, prepping hoops, or finishing work. I’m counting on those who select this “advanced beginner & intermediate” level pattern to already have a basic understanding of these concepts and be able to find resources online for any of the 4 basic stitches used. Any pattern that I release for purchase in the future (including possible re-issue of Wren With Hostas) will include a much more extensive resource for getting started as well as photographic step-by-step instructions for completion.

If you should have issues while completing the work, please let me know – I’m happy to help in any way I can. I hope that you enjoy stitching up this happy hoop as much as I did and I look forward to seeing your results (#CTBDIY – IG: @mlevacy).

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  1. Hello Megan , Is your Wren with the Hostas pattern free PDF still available ? I really would love to have a go at stitching him ! I was not sure how to contact you , hope this is o.k ? 🙂

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