Happy Halloween! Totoro costume tutorial!

I had an excuse to make a Halloween costume this year and happily took advantage of the opportunity by making a Totoro costume for the occasion.

The lecture series I co-chair helped out with another clubs costume contest yesterday on our campus. To support the event (that’s the only reason, I’m sure) I brainstormed costume ideas with my students and then used my efforts to encourage student participation (and it totally worked – two students walked away with prize money even!).

Totoro Costume - No Sew

I’ve created a tutorial for the t-shirt on Snapguide – I also created a cute headband. It was so much fun. I got asked to take a billion photos with students (for proof that their teacher dressed up, I’m sure – that, or blackmail) and I totally plan on doing it again next year just because it was a blast.

Check out How to Make a (No Sew) Totoro T-Shirt by Megan Levacy on Snapguide.

Happy Halloween!

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