Stitch Club’s Stitch Camp 2023

I joined the 2023 Stitch Camp hosted by Stitch Club via this year. This was a 5 day online workshop with Gwen Hedley. We explored abstract imagery through fabric painting and embroidery.

I created works using three main colors: black, white, and a muted green. I painted white fabric with acrylic paint using Hedley’s artwork and demonstration as inspiration. The end result reminded me of paintings that I used to make in my early academic career.

Day 1 explored painting abstract marks on fabric using acrylic paints.
Day 2 asked us to cut up and then reassemble our painted fabrics into larger compositions. I was able to create three individual pieces from my painted samples.

On days 3 and 4 we embroidered back into the pieces we created to create more cohesion and blur the boundaries of the cut pieces. This also included painting back into the compositions. I worked on two of my three pieces and below is my most resolved and favorite of the works.

The fabric with the trees is a purchased fabric. I duplicated these forms with paint and embroidery thread to create continuity and a stronger diagonal in a primarily gridded composition.

The workshop was an enjoyable exploration of mark making and surface design. I plan on finishing at least two of these works for the RoCo 6x6x2023 exhibition this spring. This activity opened my eyes to some of the connections between my current interests and my older work. I have found myself coming full circle in a lot of ways. I bring a lot of different perspectives to this type of work now, 10 years later. I am curious where these new discoveries will take me, especially as I work on my 100 Day Stitch Book project during the early part of 2023.

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