100 Day Stitch Book: Getting Started

I started a bit early on some of the components for my 100 Day Stitch Book project hosted by Ann Wood. I collected materials, cut my pages, and created a few embroidered graphics that I can cut and applique later on. The 100 days for the project starts Jan 20th, 2023.

My pages are 5.5×7″ and I’ve collected a lot of materials from my extensive collection of fabric, including a bunch of evil eyes that I would love to use.

I wanted to make a title page first and foremost – something to set the tone for the rest of the book. I decided to add a cute cat illustration because my sweet old man kitty, Jimmy, is a constant companion while I stitch these days. I plan to take inspiration from medieval flora and fauna to create a book that explores illustrations created through embroidery and applique.

Next I decided to create some leaf components that can be cut down and appliqued onto more patterned backgrounds later on. I think these turned out really well and I’m excited but a bit nervous to cut them up. I’ve never done applique in this way before so this is new territory for me.

I’ve also done a lot of sketching so that I could develop my ideas about the actual images I will make. I’ve done over 20 preliminary drawings that I can work from as I move forward. I want to take a more intuitive approach but alas, that’s just not me – I’m a planner.

The 100 days for the project starts Jan 20th, 2023. Each page is designed to take about 5 days to complete with an average of 15 minutes of stitching a day. I plan to take the best progress shots from every 2 pages and share them on the blog as I go (roughly once every 2 weeks). If you’d like to see daily progress you can follow me on my Instagram at @mlevacy – I’ll post daily progress updates (among other things like plants and my animals, lol.)

If you want to learn more about this project please visit Ann Wood’s website and check out her articles on the project.

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