Making Zen Online Retreat

I recently “attended” an online artist’s retreat geared to fiber enthusiasts called “Making Zen” ran by Kate Ward of Zen Stitching. This free event was host to numerous fiber artist’s who pre-recorded workshops that were then released for 24 hours at a certain point during the week long production. Additionally, each artist was available for one hour live on Instagram to discuss their workshop and practice with Ward.

I was eager to attend the October 2022 session of the retreat after seeing a few friends participate in the spring session earlier in the year. As an aspiring mixed media artist who favors fibers, a week of community centered around fabric, thread, stitching, and mindfulness was just what I needed come the end of October.

My two favorite workshops included making a needle book by Heidi Iverson of Honey Folk Clothing, and using ink to “Print With String” by Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio.

These workshops paired nicely together as I soon began printing string on fabric and then used it to create a personal needle book. In fact, the needle books have become so easy and fast to make that I have created multiples as gifts in the week following the workshop.

Iverson offers the pattern for this needle book on her website.

Maricle offers a wealth of technique demos and workshops on her blog and at her website.

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